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Navy Units

112TH Seabee Battalion
Afloat Training Group Pearl Harbor
Air Craft Carrier USS America CV66
Assault Craft Unit 4
Attack Squadron 15
Basic Underwater Demolition Training BUD/S
Beachmaster Unit 2
Blue Angels
CBU Davisville
Charleston Naval Base
Great Lake Naval Station
Jacksonville Naval Air Station
Key West Naval Air Station
Mayport Naval Station
Naval Air Station Jacksonville
Naval Air Station Pensacola
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Naval Station Everett
Naval Station Mayport
Naval Station Norfolk
Naval Station San Diego
Naval Weapon Station Charleston
Navy Basic Training
Navy Blue Angel
Navy Boot Camp
Norfolk Naval Station
Pensacola Naval Air Station
Underwater Demolition Team
USNS Apache
USNS Atakapa T-ATF-149
USNS Bowditch (T-AGS-21)
USNS Chauvenet TAGS 29
USNS Comfort
USNS Concord (T-AFS 5)
USNS Dutton
USNS Harkness T-AGS-32
USS Abraham Lincoln CVN 72
USS Alabama
USS Arizona
USS Bataan
USS Belknap
USS Boxer
USS Bunker Hill
USS Cabot
USS Camden
USS Canisteo
USS Carl Vinson
USS Central America
USS Chicago
USS Cole
USS Constitution
USS Coral Sea
USS Eisenhower
USS Eldridge
USS Essex
USS Forrestal 
USS George Washington CVN 73
USS Goldsborough 
USS Guam
USS Hancock
USS Harry S. Truman
USS Hornet
USS Houston
USS Hunley
USS Inchon
USS Independence
USS Indianapolis
USS Intrepid
USS Iowa
USS John F Kennedy
USS Juneau
USS Kearsarge
USS Kitty Hawk
USS Lake Champlain
USS Lexington
USS Liberty
USS Maine
USS Massachusetts
USS Midway
USS Missouri
USS Monitor
USS Nashville
USS Nassau
USS Nautilus
USS Nevada
USS New Jersey
USS Nimitz
USS North Carolina
USS Oklahoma
USS Olympia
USS Pennsylvania
USS Princeton
USS Pueblo
USS Ranger
USS Ronald Reagan
USS Rowan
USS Saipan
USS Salem
USS Saratoga
USS Savannah
USS Scorpion
USS Seawolf
USS Stark
USS Stennis
USS Tarawa
USS Texas
USS Theodore Roosevelt
USS Thresher
USS Ticonderoga
USS Truman
USS Valley Forge
USS Wasp
USS Wisconsin
USS Yorktown
VF 101
VF 103
VF 14
VF 84
VFA 86
And many more!!