Florida Veterans Benefits and Services Information

The Sunshine State is a leader in providing services and opportunities to those who honorably answered the call to serve our country. Florida enjoys a reputation as one of the most veteran-friendly states in the nation.

FDVA is a state agency responsible for assisting, without charge, Florida’s veterans, their families and survivors in improving their health and economic well-being through quality benefit information, advocacy and education. The department also operates seven veterans’ homes. Six are skilled nursing facilities and one is an assisted living facility.

In addition to our FDVA website at www.FloridaVets.org, we want to make you aware of a variety of veterans’ benefits and services information available on the Florida Vets First “one-stop” web portal at http://floridavets.org/?page_id=9.

You may also elect to contact one of Florida’s County Veteran Service Officers at http://floridavets.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/CVSO-Listing-July-2012.pdf who also provide free veterans’ counseling or you may call our Division of Benefits and Assistance at (727) 319-7400. The web page at http://floridavets.org/?page_id=9 lists our field offices where veterans’ counseling is available.

If you would like future information about Florida veterans’ topics, please visit the FDVA website and subscribe to FDVA’s monthly veterans’ newsletter eFloridaVets News. Thank you for your service; we look forward to serving you.

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